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Animal Behavior and Training Information

The links below will take you to the "Denver Dumb Friends League" website which is an excellent source for training and behavior information.  Visit their general behavior information page at  There are many other excellent resources for dog training and behavior advice on the internet and in bookstores.  Please consult a dog trainer or behaviorist in your area for specific training advice or training services.


Crate Training Your Dog

Housetraining Puppies

Dealing with Normal Puppy Behavior:  Chewing

Puppy Nipping

Destructive Behavior in Dogs

Developmental Stages of Puppy Behavior

Introducing Your New Dog to Your Resident Dog

Keeping Your Dog Confined to Your Property

Dog Toys and How to Use Them

How to Use a Head Halter

Inside or Out? - Making Your Dog Part of the Family

Children and Dogs - Important Information for Parents

The Benefits of an Educated Dog

Re-Housetraining Your Adult Dog

Positive Reinforcement:  Training Your Dog or Cat with Treats and Praise

Nothing in Life is Free

Separation Anxiety

The Canine Escape Artist

The Barking Dog

The Fearful Dog

Aversives for Dog

Submissive or Excitement Urination

The Training Tether

Understanding Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Why Dogs Bite:  A Guideline for Children

Helping Your Dog Overcome the Fear of Thunder and Other Startling Noises

Canine Rivalry

Dealing with Dominance in Dogs

How to Solve Digging Problems


Cats:  Indoor vs Outdoor

Litter Box Problem Prevention

Introducing Your New Cat to Your Other Pets

Feline Social Behavior Between Cats

Managing Your Kittens Rough Play

Destructive Scratching in Cats

Developmental Stages of Kitten Behavior

Your Cat Needs a Tag

Solving Litterbox Problems

Children and Cats:  Important Information for Parents

Play with Your Cat

Aversives for Cats

Cat Toys and How to Use Them

Discouraging Roaming Cats

The Fearful Cat

Understanding Cat Aggression Towards People

Your Talkative Cat

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