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Molly's Sponsorship Page

Molly is almost 2 years old.  She is sweet, happy and playful.  She loves to go for walks or hikes and to go jogging.  She loves to learn new things and is very easy to train.  She loves to play fetch and bring balls and toys back to you to throw for her.  She loves everyone she's met since she came to our rescue facility.

Molly originally arrived at the local public animal shelter with 8 adorable newborn puppies.  She was sweet and happy to see people throughout her shelter stay of 3 weeks despite having pups to care for and being in a scary place.  She came to our rescue when the puppies were 3 weeks old and was a wonderful momma.  Her puppies have all been adopted and gone to their new homes and Molly is ready to find a home to call her own.

Be sure to watch Molly's video in her profile to see her in all her cuteness.

If you are interested in this sweet girl, please submit an adoption application or email us at for more information.  

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