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WELCOME to the California Animal Shelter Friends, Inc. Website!

Times are Still Tough for Animals with Medical Needs  

The economy continues to affect pets, especially those in need of medical care.  CASF continues to help as many animals in need of medical care as possible.  With your help we can do even more. 

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 Who Are We Helping?  


puppy hbc 2

This sweet puppy little dog was hit by a car.  His leg was fractured and he sustained additional wounds.  Our friends at the emergency clinic stabilized him and asked us if we could provide him with the additional care he needed.  After orthopedic surgery with the wonderful team at UC Davis he is on the mend.  He'll be available for adoption to a lucky family soon.

Terrier 2 hbc This little guy was also hit by a car.  Our friends at the UC Davis emergency service helped to stabilize him after the incident and transferred his care to the local shelter.  CASF was able to rescue this little guy and have his orthopedic surgery performed at UC Davis.  He is so sweet and so brave given his injuries.  He'll make a wonderful little friend for someone once he's fully recovered and ready for adoption.
Kitten with Jaw This adorable little kitten came to us with an injured jaw.  He's also tiny, too small to eat on his own anyway and he was "semi-feral."  We have him recuperating from his injury under the care of an excellent foster mom - the feline kind - whose own babies were recently adopted.  He's doing great so far (loves his kitty foster mommy so much).  He should be available for adoption pretty soon - just needs some time to heal and grow.
Wirehaired puppies These precious little puppies came to the local shelter too young and way to skinny to be adopted out.  They've been eating and growing at our foster facility and are doing great.  They will be available for adoption within days.
 FHO Cat This sweet young kitty came to the local public shelter and was noticed to be walking a lilttle funny at the time of arrival.  X-rays showed that he had fractured his hip before coming in.  He came to us for the needed surgery, had surgery and has recovered wonderfully.  We expect him to be available for adoption this week.
 No ears momma


A previous injury to the tips of her ears left her without them.  We think it gives her character and there's no evidence of it causing her any ongoing problems.  Here at CASF we call her the best momma cat ever.  She came to us via the local public shelter toward the end of "kitten season."  After her own kittens had been adopted out she helped foster 2 additional singletons - 1 at a time - who were starting to eat on their own but who needed some mothering - love and attention that only a momma cat knows how to do best.  She is a wonderful girl - loves people, other cats, and has been exposed to dogs while in foster care with no concerns seen.  She will be ready for adoption as soon as her latest orphan is ready to be on his own.

 "Ummm, mom......"

Perineal Hernia This sweet boy was abandoned at the local animal shelter by his owners because he was having accidents in the house.  A brief exam revealed that he had perineal hernias (common in male dogs who are left un-neutered) and they were making it impossible for him to hold his stool in.  This problem is treated surgically and with appropriate care carries a very good prognosis.  The surgeries he needs have been staged to make sure he has the best outcome.  Once he's recovered from his second surgery he'll be ready to go to a new, loving home.
Demodex puppy

This precious little puppy hasn't had it easy.  He came to the local public animal shelter with horribly swollen feet.  He was also emaciated and to add insult to injury his toenails were incredibly long - worsening the pain from his feet.  He was found to have Demodex -  a common skin mite found on many dogs that doesn't usually cause any problems, but in some puppies causes an excessive response from the body.  In some puppies this results in patches of hairloss, in others it causes what this poor boy has - which is very swollen, painful feet.  He's been started on the treatment for this condition and we're hoping to partner with the local SPCA to get him into a foster home so he can get plenty of love and attention and be housed on a soft surface away from cleaning chemicals. 

Even with all of his pain and neglect in his former home this little guy couldn't be sweeter and gives kisses anytime he can get near you.  Once he's showing sufficient progress in recovering from this problem he'll be ready for adoption through the Yolo County SPCA, who will be providing him with long-term foster care until then (the condition is not contagious to other animals or to people).

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